Welcome to bobpop. Our store is most recognized for its flavored crush balls, which have been crafted with affection for adults who want to smoke smarter. As more adult smokers discover that disposables give a pleasant smoke experience, we want to present them with a great-tasting, practical, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly crush balls that is unequalled among  manufacturers. All our wonderful Flavored Balls are made with 100% food essence and contains no harmful or toxic ingredients. Our bobpop products are more flavorful and less expensive. Because our products are built with quality-conscious smokers in mind, our culture is based on our devotion to high standards. Our dedication to quality extends from sourcing and manufacturing to marketing and distribution. We value true quality because we care about how our products touch the lives of those who use them.

Try our latest product on the market adding a unique taste to your smoke. We are the leading company in adding a flavored ball taste to your cigarettes making it more tastier than ever before whether you like mint, looking for that menthol hit or need a little more flavour, then crush balls are just for you